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The perfect blend of tender + bold, my fresh and funky take on the timeless makes for artistic photos brimming with life.


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Wondering what the hell to wear? Don’t you worry, boo thing. I’ve totally got you covered with my 10 must have outfits for your boudoir session.



The Grinch said it best my friends – choosing what to wear can sometimes feel like the last straw.

Here to cut down on the confusion and make sure that you feel your sexiest are my top ten must have lingerie recommendations, brought to you by Amazon because I KNOW you need that two day shipping. Save time crawling through reviews from sketchy websites and click the picture to go straight to the listing that I’ve purchased from!


There is not a soul alive who doesn’t rock the hell out of fishnets! Wear these to work and demand a raise. Buy a home in these so that you intimidate them into upgrading your appliances. Strut into Sephora bare-faced in these babies and they won’t even question your make up skills. The high waist and stretchy, soft material skims the body without biting in on the waist line to elongate your legs while you look like a badass. This pack comes in different net sizes for three different looks, which is perfect for wearing under a pair of ripped jeans so that you can strut literally everywhere.


Maryland Boudoir Photographer, Maryland Boudoir, Waldorf Boudoir Photographer

If black lingerie is too boring for you, this body suit is right up your alley. (Look, I know that picture only shows black but its the only photo that I can use and still link to Amazon so you’ll just have to click through and see.) This is major Carmen Sandiego vibes – just roll up to your session in this body suit, some jeans and a red blazer and everyone you meet will spend the next decade drooling and wonder where in the world you went.


A favorite from one of our THIS or THAT challenges, this strappy body suit is super stretchy and flattering! The mix of bondage and eyelash lace is like Betty Page without the potential murder mystery. (Shout out to Bailey Sarian for dropping that knowledge on me.)  I’m obsessed with anything that criss-crosses the tiddies like this and the X waist pattern will snatch you into an hourglass you didn’t know that you had. They recently added a bunch of cute colors and the neon yellow is calling to me!


 Maryland Boudoir Session, Waldorf Boudoir Photographer,

See it in action on this blog post! 

Don’t buy this if you don’t want to be a literal Greek goddess. Your employers are going to be every shade of jealous when they find out you’ve spent the last month lounged across a chaise in the afternoon sun while someone handfed you grapes and gin mules while oil painting your gold-covered tiddies like a Renaissance womxn. This beauty clasps like a necklace around your body and again around your neck so it’s size inclusive and easy to remove when you’re ready for someone to worship you. (The pearl version is on my wishlist for obvious reasons.)


I get it, boo. Most of my options so far have been pretty spicy! If booking a boudoir session itself is already intimidating you then the last thing you’re trying to do is to buy fishnets that might raise the equity of your home. This little lady is a session staple in my 10 must have outfits for your boudoir session: showing just enough to make you feel bold without leaving you feeling exposed. She comes in lots of colors and is size inclusive, so she’ll always make my recommended list!


Maryland Boudoir Photographer, Maryland Boudoir, Waldorf Boudoir Photographer

I won’t stop until I own every size and color. All I can say is you’re already welcome.


We call her: Princess of Gen-hoe-via. (Or we can if the word hoe didn’t upset you)  EVERYONE NEEDS BODY CHAINS!! Rihanna did not come this far to only come this far. This is the Amazon version of the body chains that I have in the studio and I am seriously obsessed with how dainty they are. Your tiddies will thank you, I will thank you, and most importantly: Rihanna will thank you!


Waldorf Boudoir Session, Maryland Boudoir Photographer

I thought one-size-fits-all was going to be a big joke, especially when I unwrapped a condom sized bedazzled fishnet tube sock, but I’ll be damned if this isn’t my single most requested client closet piece. A modern miracle, this thing stretches softly to hug each body shape and looks phenomenal with the lights on OR off in a neon lights session. This sparkly sock feels comfy and effortless, a sexy piece without trying too hard.


The femme fairytale bodysuit of your dreams!! I can’t get over the detailed embroidery paired with a smokey mauve eye and the green studio walls. Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel didn’t spend alllllllll that time in a tower painting the walls,  these two dreamed up some of the prettiest lingerie I’ve ever seen.  We’re talking flirty and fun without the poofy sleeve or frying pan. Wear this to enchant some DD/MM hearts, you little cutie.


Hear me out: I want to wear this everywhere. Over a white button down for business meetings, to wedding days like Kim Possible, and all over my studio for some classic bondage vibes. Starbucks baristas will just start writing “Ma’am” on your drink when you wear this bad boy – or at the very least spell, your real name correctly. This body harness (and me) are literally begging you to be photographed in this!


Maybe not what you were expecting when you clicked “10 must have outfits for your boudoir session” but I hope you still managed to find some new favorites!

If you have any questions about lingerie or want to book a session specifically to show off your new fav pieces, send me a message HERE. I can’t wait to meet you in the studio, boo!

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