4 mistakes you do NOT want to make before your boudoir session!


January 18, 2022

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As a Virginia boudoir photographer, I know that prepping for your boudoir photo shoot can feel intimidating. You want to feel your best in front of the camera, not feel tangled up worrying about the details. Below you’ll read four of the most common mistakes that folx make before their boudoir session and my best advice to ensure that you’ll shine during yours!

Virginia Boudoir Photographer, Kyra Gustwick

Mistake #1: Leaving skin care until the last minute.

We’ve all had the nightmare about waking up with less-than-perfect skin before a major photo event! You can put your anxiety about picture-day-pimples to rest: my studio’s photo retouching policy includes smoothing over any temporary blemishes BUT if you’re planning on getting a facial before your boudoir session, make sure that you schedule it for a few weeks prior to your boudoir session. (Especially if it is your first time!) Chemical peels can cause redness or irritation that could potentially become further inflamed by make up, which is not a recipe for feeling comfortable in your own skin.  You’ll also want to be smart about your tanning routine: spray tans and self-tanners are strongly discouraged as they can produce an orange-y glow or leave permanent reside on props, furniture, and outfits. I totally understand wanting to feel like your best summery self, but you may face additional fees for extreme editing or prop/furniture replacement if anything is damaged due to your tan! 

Virginia Boudoir photographer, VA boudoir, Kyra Gustwick

Mistake #2: Believing that “Beauty is Pain” 

Here at Bewitch, we do not subscribe to the belief that beauty needs to be earned or feel painful! You’ll want to arrive to your boudoir shoot in comfortable clothing. Tight outfits like compression shorts, bras, socks, and strappy shoes can all leave indentations in the skin that are difficult to remove in editing, so it’s best to forgo them. Too-tight straps, itchy tights or tags, puffy decals, and fabric that is rough on your skin can all leave a mark so consider this your official permission to arrive in pajamas! 

Virginia boudoir photographer, boudoir photography, Virginia boudoir

Mistake #3: Feeling locked in to wearing lingerie

I see boudoir as an empowering celebration of self through artistic photos, which ultimately has absolutely nothing to do with what you wear during the session. Modesty empowers some, nudity empowers others and it’s 100% up to you on what makes you feel your best! If you don’t feel at home in lace or leather, send me a message so that I can help you brainstorm something that fits your vision and comfort level!

Consider this a shameless reminder that everyone who books a Virginia boudoir session with Bewitch has access to my client closet which features silk sheets, faux-fur blankets, boxers, silk robes, button downs, body harnesses and chains, veils, fish nets and of course, a diverse range of lingerie if decide that you want to dip your toes in after all. (I carry options from sizes XS to 5XL+!)

Virginia Boudoir Photographer

Mistake #4: Bringing a babydoll 💀

It’s always important to wear what you want and what makes you feel good about your body. When you’re choosing outfits for your boudoir session, make sure to select something that hugs your body shape rather than hides it! Even if you find yourself feeling self-conscious about areas on your body, a well-fitting piece of clothing is always going to be more figure-flattering than something too flowy or too constrictive. For instance, a body-hugging bodysuit shows off the shapes of your body while a baby doll style nightie can drown out your body without celebrating it. The difference this can make in your images is huge! While access to my client closet guarantees some killer options, you can also get an idea of some of my favorite pieces by checking out my blog post on my top ten must-have outfits for your boudoir session.


Interested in booking your own Virginia boudoir session? Send me a message at THIS link!  

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