Your boudoir album will bring you right back to that boost of confidence
every time you turn the page 

Join me for a new offering: a limited edition boudoir experience designed to amplify your confidence through photos that highlight the spiciest,
most liberated version of you. 

You know how a Compliment from tipsy girls at the club makes you feel?


by kyra gustwick

Virginia Boudoir Photographer

 Modesty empowers some & nudity empowers others

Taking photos can be intimidating at the best of times. So, when you take boudoir photos, you want to look better than your best. And feel With me, there's zero pressure to step further outside of your comfort zone. No mandatory sharing, no required dress code, and no nervewracking posing. We'll customize the entire session to you.

 Expect meticulous care throughout your entire boudoir experience.
 During our initial consultation, I'll ask questions to better understand your vision and comfort level so that you feel taken care of every step of the way. 

all versions of sexy are welcome here!

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"she knows how to make you look amazing in every shot" 

Boudoir photos can seem awkward at times but Kyra's personality and sense of humor definitely helped me feel less nervous about the whole thing. And have no fear, if you have any aspects of your body that you aren't too fond of, Kyra will work her magic and knows how to pose you to make you look amazing in every shot!

anonymous client k

the spotlight can be intimidating

 With my sunny disposition and background in Social Work, I create an inclusive and uplifting space where even the most camera-shy people feel comfortable embracing their sexy side. So,  you'll actually enjoy being in front of the camera. 

All we've got to do is get started

i take your comfort very seriously.

signAture eXperiEnce

expert guidance

You'll feel like the hottest version of yourself with me guiding you through different facial expressions and full-body poses! This way, you can get out of your head and truly enjoy the experience. 

Leading up to your boudoir session, my detailed prep guide walks you through what to expect by helping you choose the perfect outfits and dream up the best way to display your images.


My team and I will help you step into your most confident self by tailoring your hair, makeup, and outfit specifically to your personal style and comfort level. You'll feel like a work of art before I even touch my camera! 

Each session includes 3 looks. Most clients typically choose to do 2 in lingerie and one nude - but it's totally up to you! Bring your fav pieces or borrow some from my luxury client closet to mix and match for your perfect look. (I carry pieces in sizes XS-5XL)

handcrafted boudoir album

As my signature boudoir offering,  the album process is designed with convenience and care in mind.  I'll guide you through selecting images and cover treatments for an album that you’ll fall in love with every time you hold it. 

Your luxury album is printed through an all-female photo lab within the US and comes with a matching storage box and corresponding digital images. Different album sizes, cover treatments, and personalization upgrades are available.

every body should be celebrated

You can expect meticulous care through your entire boudoir experience. During our initial consultation, I'll ask questions to better understand your vision and comfort level so that you feel taken care of every step of the way. 


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