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meaningful stories told through beautiful images
that bring people together despite time and distance

East coast wedding photographer

if i were a perfume
 I'd smell like oranges

A reputAtion for OriginAlity

 There’s nothing like clinking glasses with everyone you love around a big table! And as a military wife and former Social Worker, I’ve come to appreciate how meaningful these connections and celebrations truly are. 

While working with vulnerable populations in highly emotional settings, I learned the art of listening between the lines to better observe relationships and emotions. As a witness to their transformations, I developed an eye for the way each detail comes together to form their most meaningful stories. And when I combine those skills with empathy and emotional intelligence, I create photos that celebrate your experiences by weaving together the moments, people, and interactions that matter most.

While leading group therapy meetings similar to AA, I created a warm and inclusive space that allowed each person to feel comfortable expressing themselves. That judgment-free space invites us to experience our emotions in unguarded moments, which is where our core memories are unlocked.

 Each of these elements of expertise lives on through wedding days as I create an intentional experience customized so that you and your loved ones can be comfortably yourselves in front of the camera.

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Kyra Gustwick Photography

whAt is it like tO work With me?

whAt is it like tO
work With me?

Contrived, traditional, or uncomfortable posing
Missing out on moments with loved ones
Overly edited photos that don't align with your memories 


Cheerful, gentle guidance that fits your comfort level
Vibrant, candid connections documented unobtrusively
Elevated yet natural imagery customized to your priorities

 Instead, you get

I specialize in photos that reflect your partnership, your community, and the ambience of your wedding day.

lucky for you, i'm also a lot of fun 

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