What to Expect During Your Boudoir Session


March 20, 2022

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When you’re getting ready for your first Virginia boudoir photography session, you may be feeling—understandably!—a little nervous about what to expect. Trust is key in any new situation but especially in the boudoir world, so I want to pull the curtain back and give you a sneak peek into what you’re experience will be like during your boudoir photo shoot.

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Professional Boudoir Hair and Makeup, AKA the Supermodel Experience

Before I ever pick up my camera, your boudoir experience begins with a hair and makeup appointment with an expert stylist from my team. This usually takes about 90 minutes, but I always schedule a little wiggle room so that you can really enjoy the getting ready vibes!


Have a specific look in mind for your hair and make up? My hair and make up artist would love for you to bring in reference photos for inspiration so that she can help achieve that look.


If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, we’ve still got your back! My stylists are chosen for their ability to create a look that will highlight your unique facial features, skin tone and hair textures for picture-perfect looks.

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Posing During Your Virginia Boudoir Session

Once hair and make up wraps up, we’ll finalize your outfits and accessories before heading into your 60 minute photo shoot. Need some outfit inspiration? Check out my top ten must-have outfits for your boudoir session!


Rest assured, when it comes to posing, I demonstrate every pose for you first. We’re going to have a lot of fun together because I can definitely be a little dorky trying to describe it all to you! I’ll show you exactly what to do so that when it’s your turn in front of the camera, you know that you have me in your corner with unconditionally positive attitude while I’m coaching you every step of the way from your hands, to your toes, to your facial expression!


 I know how awkward it can be to be in front of the camera, but it really helps to have someone gently telling you exactly what you can do. I’ll also be showing you images on the back of the camera so that you can see the magic working right from the start. You, your personality, your bod—they’re all masterpieces that we want to showcase in these images.


The Best Part: Seeing Images from Your Session

After your session wraps up, we go ahead and set up an image reveal date for Zoom. In the mean time, I color correct all of your photos and set up a slideshow so that you can soak up how MAGIC you look! If you’ve decided to pre-pay for an album or collection, I’ll also pre-design those products as a starting point for you.


During that viewing session, you’ll obviously see the photos for the first time, make sure that you love them, choose your favorites. If you would like to purchase any prints or products, the zoom call is the time to do so.


For more detailed info on my process as a premier Virginia boudoir photographer, send me a message HERE so that we can hop on a quick call to talk more!

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