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Designing your home together is such a fun feeling, but if you’re anything like me then you may feel a little lost or overwhelmed when it comes to putting together the best wedding registry!

Let’s face it: one huge bonus of getting married (other than a lifelong partnership with your best friend) is being able to register for fun stuff for your married life! However, you may not know exactly what to look for when it comes time to crank out that scanning gun.

From my personal experience and my clients’ experiences, here are some of the best things to think about when you start registering for your wedding. 

Best Wedding Registry 101

Wedding registries are a great way for your friends and family to celebrate your new marriage by gifting you some items for your new life together. In Western wedding tradition, it’s typical to have two or three registries at different types of stores with different price points to best accommodate all guests’ budgets. For my friends who plan to have a wedding shower, your guests will find it really helpful if you and your partner have your registries at least 80% completed by the time your shower invitations go out.

Your Wedding Photos

It’s no surprise that this makes the top of my registry must-have list! 😉 In my humble and non-biased opinion, one of the best things to include on your registry is the ability for your guests to contribute to your wedding photo album.

best wedding album, virginia wedding albums

Cleaning Equipment

This may seem boring but hear me out: cleaning supplies. Upgrade your carpet cleaners, portable cordless vacuums, and steam mops OR drop the hint to a friend that you’d really appreciate a gift basket full of your favorite brand of cleaning products. These are the things you forget you need until you really need them!

Personally, this is my favorite gift to give when I’m a wedding guest! (Is my enneagram six showing?) I’ll order a boujie detergent like Le Labo and put it together with pet-related cleaners and Miss Meyers must-haves in a cute basket so that they’re set on necessities for their first few months post-wedding.

Kitchen Tools 

Another practical-but-fun option to add on are kitchen appliances! The KitchenAid Standing Mixer is a registry go-to, but many of my past clients suggested that each couple thinks about what they really need and will use. Other top hits for this section are an Air Fryer, an updated coffee machine, or a Ninja Blender.

Household Necessities

We all love sentimental gifts, but don’t be afraid to ask for the household essentials that you really use! Especially if you live together already, your registry is the perfect time to update your pillows, duvets, and silverware. Add on an air mattress for guests, or splurge on nice luggage for the honeymoon – the sky is the limit and people LOVE to gift newlyweds things from this category!

Cash or Gift Cards

This is becoming increasingly more socially acceptable and popular! Within the wedding industry, I see this most often as couples request cash gifts to go towards their honeymoon, but it’s definitely common to request cash gifts or gift cards to grocery stores, date nights spots, or home stores. (This can be especially handy if you’ve been dreaming of a home reno too!)

Are you looking for more planning advice for a stress-free wedding day? Check out my wedding planning resources HERE!

Kyra Gustwick is a Virginia Wedding Photographer specializing in weddings, engagements, couples’ portraits and empowering boudoir experiences.

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