The Key to Modest Boudoir Outfits (that are still Spicy!)


April 10, 2022

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Sexy doesn’t always have to mean showing skin! (Enter: Modest Boudoir Outfits!)

Here at Bewitch, I’m a really big believer in meeting you where you feel most comfortable. Modesty empowers some, nudity empowers others and it’s 100% up to you on what makes you feel your best!

Boudoir photography sessions often have a reputation for featuring the subject solely in revealing clothing or lingerie but there are plenty of different ways to express your sexy side, and that includes dressing more modestly. Sexiness is all about confidence, so wearing what you feel most confident and most yourself in is the foundation for building that self-confidence when you are doing a boudoir photo shoot. If you’ve always wanted to do a boudoir session but prefer to wear more modest clothing, here are some of the best tips to consider:

Consider What Sexy Means to You

First, let me say seduction is an art – which means it can’t be limited to one medium! Even though the traditional idea of boudoir photos may conjure up mental images of thigh-high stockings, the real magic of a boudoir session comes from being yourself, looking like yourself, and feeling like yourself.

When selecting your outfits, make sure that each piece makes you feel good! If showing skin doesn’t resonate with you, look for long sleeve bodysuits, rompers, robes, or even cute pajama sets. 

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Spice it Up with Texture

Texture is king when it comes to boudoir photography! Don’t be afraid to spice up your wardrobe by adding in interesting textures where you can. Whether you love going big with statement piece like a sequin bodysuit or prefer to start smaller with a crocodile-leather shoe, the options here are really versatile.

Some textures to keep in mind are lace, velvet, lots of straps, satin, silk, faux fur, metallics, rhinestones or fishnets.

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The Fit takes the Crown!

No matter what style of outfit you decide to go with, the fit is the most important part. Think about the outfits that make you feel the most confident – I bet you’d say that they were also clothes that fit your body in a way that you like!

Keep in mind that we don’t want to lose your body shape! Try to avoid anything too oversized or too tight, so that we can keep the focus on feeling empowered.

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Add in Fun Accessories

While the goal in your boudoir shoot should always be for you to shine, my Aquarius soul lives for a good accessory. Adding in a couple of fun accessories can add interest to any outfit, modest or not!

Consider bringing a fun pair of stilettos that make your legs look miles high, body jewelry of all kinds, or even a leather jacket like one of my past clients. We’ll make sure that you’re wearing the accessory, and it’s not wearing you!

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Looking for more specific advice? Wardrobe and styling advice is included for all of my clients! I can help you figure out exactly what to wear, and you’ll also have full access to my Client Closet. I have a ton of pieces from XS to 5XL in different shapes, colors, styles, body chains, harnesses – anything you could need for your boudoir photos! I reccomend having three outfits in total, but that can be any combination of outfits that you bring, my client closet or whatever works best for you!

The moral of the story is that boudoir is not exclusive to people who are comfortable being in lingerie, it is for everybody! I hope that these modest boudoir outfits helped inspire your next session idea. (If it did, send me a message!)

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