Zesty, bold, but comfortable. A smell that feels like Sunday morning around the breakfast table with family. I grew up moving every two or three years because my dad was a Marine, and have continued that adventurous family tradition by marrying a sailor named Cody.

Moving so often means that home has always been about people instead of physical comfort zones. It’s a place where you feel seen and known, and the dogs run to meet you at the door. After getting into Social Work in college, I realized that my superpower is helping people feel at home no matter where we are.

As I led group therapy meetings similar to AA, I felt most alive making all types of people feel comfortable being themselves and forming a space to live in the vulnerable moments. That feeling lives on through wedding days as I create a playful experience where you can effortlessly be yourself.

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My favorites to rock on a wedding day are "Poet", "Trust Issues", and "Dread" by Anastasia Beverly Hills!  

I love expressing myself through clothes and make-up, and dark lipstick is my secret ingredient to feeling like a rockstar in everyday life.  Call me a little bit of a fashionista, but I don't think a gal can beat the confidence that comes with wearing your favorite lipstick!

The power of dark lipstick

In the modern age, with family and friends living all over the world, sometimes photos like these are all we have to hang on to so I want to make sure the photos that I take will last for generations.

My husband’s job will have him deploy for years and travel all over the country during his career, so I keep a folder in my phone of the most mundane photos we take of our Great Dane family to feel like home again when we're apart.

photos can feel like hugs

I’m on a mission to make sure no couple I work with ever feels that way by ensuring Pinterest-worthy images that represent the real you.

As I planned my own wedding, Pinterest was a black hole that never fit my vision. I spent hours scouring the internet seeking a voice of reason or tangible inspiration that made my husband and I's partnership feel truly seen. I struggled to fit myself into the Bride box because I hadn't dreamed of wedding inspiration as a kid - our wedding was really centered on our relationship, so we had to create something custom. 

Go against the grain

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